Program at a glance

1st day

Tuesday 19th November 2024
Start: Welcome and intro of the course
State of the art
1 – Strategic perspectives and Public Transport Governance (Currie)
2 – Service Design: Frequency and Timetable Development (Cedar)
3 – Towards high quality public transport: BRT and LRT challenges and opportunities (van Oort)

Move to the Transit Bar – Play the Transit Game

2nd day

Wednesday 20th November 2024
Transit network planning
4 – Transit Network (Route) Design In Practice (Currie)
5 – Transit Network (Route) Design Planning (Cedar) 6 – Land use and transit network planning (Kamruzzaman)
7 – Beyond Public Transport: Interaction and integration of transit with bicycles and micromobility (van Oort)

3rd day

Thursday 21st November 2024
Land Use Perspectives
8 – Transit-oriented development
9 – Transforming cities with transit, the City centre and public transport

Site visit and tour
followed by a dinner

4th day

Friday 22nd November 2024
Forecasting, Operations and Futures
10 – Route Level Demand Forecasting (Currie)
11 – Planning and operating reliable transit; dealing with unplanned disruptions (van Oort)
12 – Data-Based Policy Trends and Future Transport Mobility (Cedar)

Closing + drinks

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