Course Leaders

Graham Currie
Monash University, Australia
Australia’s first Chair in Public Transport and an internationally recognized public transport service planner and researcher. Director of the Public Transport Research Group at Monash University independently assessed as in the top 3 research groups in the field in the world. Professor Currie is an ex service planner with London Transport and is Vice Chair of the US Transport Research Boards committee on Light Rail Transit and a member of the Public Transport Planning and Development committee. He is developer and director of the research clearinghouse.
Avi Ceder
A leading international researcher and lecturer in the field of public transport operations; is Honorary Professor and Founder and Former Director of the Transportation Research Centre at the University of Auckland. Professor Ceder is a major author and lecturer on public transport operations planning and has delivered public transport short courses in Hong Kong, Australasia, Europe and North America (MIT and Berkeley). He has authored a leading international book in the field ‘Public Transit Planning and Operation’ Elsevier, 2007, and appeared in 2016 as 2nd Edition by CRC Press; both editions were translated to Chinese, Tsinghua Pub. Press, 2010, 2016 and 2017.
Oded Cats
TU Delft, The Netherlands
Assistant Professor in Public Transport Operation at the Department of Transport and Planning at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research revolves around modelling and measuring the dynamics of public transport networks. His main areas of expertise include multimodal urban networks, operation strategies and public transport simulation and assignment models. He is a member of the US Transport Research Boards committee on Transit Management and Performance and Public Transportation Marketing and Fare Policy. His research activities often support transport agencies and operators’ decision making.
Niels Van Oort
TU Delft, The Netherlands
Niels Van oort is with Delft University of Technology and via his job as a public transport consultant at Goudappel Coffeng he supports transit authorities and operators. His main fields of expertise are public transport planning, dealing with the passenger perspective, service reliability and Big Data. He performed a PhD on service reliability and he is involved in several studies concerning network and timetable optimization, thereby applying his research into